Business Lunch 

Business lunches are most of the time good deals for you to experience a gourmet meal without damaging your wallet. The best I have had so far are these 2 places.

Market by Jean-Georges (QR 98)


Gordon Ramsay – Doha at St. Regis. (QR 100)


Do try them!



Hi Blog,

I’ve ignored you for quite some time. Just thought of you and I also see pending post saved under draft which I wasn’t aware of.

So, let me update on those. It shall be throwback posts!


Food Adventures – MBCo

About a month ago, I had the privilege to live all by myself for 2 weeks. Yes, for some, living alone is a privilege! Deal with it!

So, what did I do when I was alone?

Explore…Explore…Explore……….More FOOD places of course!!! *Hahaha*

Came one night where I was driving around West Bay area and it was dinner time. And there I was at MBCo at The Gate Mall. MBCo has been long on my list of visits but never had the chance to. I guess it just waited for the perfect timing.

The above picture was my order, Eggs Benedict! It was perfectly poached eggs, served on tasty muffin bread (I would have preferred without the sesame seed though), and absolutely delicious spinach, mushroom and hollandaise sauce. I love places that serve Breakfast Menu even for lunch/dinner.Normally for drinks, I always get water but that day I decided to try something and I ordered, lemon mint (pic on the left). It was so minty and so lemony. Not to my liking but some might really enjoy it. It wasn’t a bad drink at all.

Sometimes, spending time with yourself allows you to restructure/rethink your life.

Well, my day ended on a good note, with good food and a good book! (Which I am still reading by the way!)

Food Adventures – Indian Coffee House, Doha.

‘All  you do is take pictures of food!’ – complaints one of my friend.


So I thought, instead of just taking them and posting them up on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, maybe I should make good use of it.

Like, write a review for it.

My recent gastronomical discovery in Doha is this Indian Coffee House. I got to know about it from the non-stop-every-second-Facebook Ads. They posted on their buffet breakfast for QR18 and seemed really attractive.

They had very nice welcoming staff and the place itself was pleasant enough. I went on a Saturday morning at 8 something and it wasn’t crowded, nice ambiance and most importantly the yummylicious line up of food.

Yes, they had most of the Indian breakfast item in their buffet. Let me list them, beware, you might start drooling!

– Idli, Vadai, Parotta, Thosai, Aapam (when you request), Poori.

– Sambhar, Coconut Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Yoghurt, Pickle, Potato Sabjhi (for Poori), Egg Curry.

– And the best of all – the unlimited FILTER COFFEE!

My mum who is very particular about her coffee has visited this place twice just for the coffee. Hence for sure I can tell you they have good South Indian Coffee. But I would prefer if they served it the South Indian Style.

As for me, I just found it a little too sweet but surely that is not a problem. You can always ask them to reduce the sugar. 🙂

I had everything except for Thosai and Aapam, and whatever I had, it was Goood!

At my table, they had this newspaper like table mat, or rather paper. It had details on the restaurant, the owners, their home delivery services, some other ads, like tailoring/clothing shop in Doha and also other caters. (pic above.)

They also have little decorations in and outside the restaurant to give you the feel of being in South India. I particularly liked the Chennai km tomb (not sure what you call it) and the olden days letter box. Hmm….wonder who post letters these days. 😦 I miss receiving letters and writing them.

Now that Ramadhan is around the corner, as all restaurants in Doha, this too will be closed during the day. I shall wait another month to indulge in their yummy south indian breakfast once again.

Why Filmmaking?

My last directorial venture was 5 years ago. Each time I think of directing, some fear keeps stopping me. I am working towards overcoming it. But at the same time, a lot of thoughts are going on….Why Filmmaking?

My Answer : It is something that makes me happy and a medium I would like know stories in comparison to listening or reading.

But recently I am in a situation that made me question, Why Filmmaking for some people? I have been put in a place where I have to encourage, preach or convince people that Filmmaking is good and interesting and whatever else you call it! Why is that so?

Interest in filmmaking should come from within. Not something that to be begged for someone to try or be a part of. I know many people who wants to do this craft so eagerly and sadly here I am forcing or pushing people to make their films. Which I find bizarre!

??? Still questioning myself.

My Pillar Turns 58! 

 She is my Mother and the most selfless person I know of. Her world revolves around us and nothing else. There is never ‘I’ in her life, it’s always ‘YOU’ (referring to my father, brother and I). I don’t know if I can ever be half of what she is, but each day I strive to be like her. May she be blessed with good health and happiness. She truly is my biggest pillar that very few people know of.

Films Are Not Textbook! #OKKanmani

Mani Ratnam’s latest adventure, Oh Kadhal Kanmani….truly a cinematic masterpiece.

Pic Courtesy of YouTube

The portrayal of love and human emotions perfectly executed with care by every single department. I wish I got to watch the film another round but now I will have to wait for the DVD release.

OK Kanmani is a simple and sweet film. It deals with people of today and their mindset and ambition. Be it love, career, life or thoughts, everything has changed in comparison with the earlier generation. Despite all this changes, there is still elements such as value, views and culture that every human still hold on to.

This film got its fare share of reviews, some positive and some negative. Those reviews that mentions the film portrays live-in relationship and should not be encouraged – I say, look at your own surroundings. This is what is happening around us today and sometimes in our own home itself. And films are not textbook. Mani Ratnam is not preaching or conveying a statement to the audience. A film is a story, that’s it. Take what is good and learn from the bad. I wonder why only in this film, this subject is wildly spoken. Why wasn’t there talks on Varnam Aayiram, Pizza, where the same situation was shown?

Those in denial of this situation which is happening around us – don’t just open your eyes, open your mind too!

And now by saying this, some might think I support live-in relationship….well that’s for your shallow mind to decide.

“C” in Films

In recent times, I have been encountering issues regarding film cuts especially in South Indian films. I don’t know if this is an issue with Hollywood or other film industries. The recent release ‘I’ was one that made me wonder on how does the film censoring work. Yes, the “C” I’m referring to is Cuts and Censors in films.

The film “I” was 3hrs 8mins long where I watched it – Doha. My cousin in Kuwait watched it for less than that, and she mentioned the bodybuilding part in the film was cut. My other cousin in Malaysia watched it for also less than 3 hrs and he said, the transgender make up artist role were cut here and there.

So as a filmmaker, how would one accept this?

Reviews of the film would definitely differ from country to country. It’s same same but different!

Hmmm…. I still can’t understand this. Cuts should be made without butchering the storyline. And I think since films are so international these days, maybe a film need not only go through their respective country’s censor board but also in all countries that they plan to release the film. This would at least give an opportunity for the filmmaker to decide whether he/she wants the audience to watch with the given cuts or re-edit it again to fit the censor’s requirements. Anyhow, this issue is mainly by the censor board of each country.


Another matter that is also happening like a ‘fashion’ as what they like to call it is – trimming a film after the release of it.

For those who didn’t get it…, it is basically releasing a film, wait and see for the audience response, critics/reviews and then, the filmmaker makes a new cut on the film based on the audience reaction and opinion and re-releases the film! I can’t seem to agree with this concept. Due to the digital age that we are in, this maybe a good thing or the other way round. It’s good for the producers I guess. But for the Directors….?

Sha…mi…tabh. …. Shamitabh!

Another day, another movie outing with my dear friend Meenu. I am super glad that I found a hindi-movie-buddy. Most of the time, I watch Hindi movies alone…but now not anymore!


Our recent watch – Shamitabh. I had a moment of silence after the film ended. It had a lot of underlined issues that every human in a normal life goes through. I thought the film was a little slow in pace. Every time I feel something is not right in a film, I would sit and analyse on how I could make it better. As for this film, the pace is slow but I wouldn’t want to cut out anything from it…

Just because….


When someone like Amitabh Bachchan is performing so brilliantly, I don’t think anyone would have a heart to even say cut, all you want to do is just keep watching. Amitabh outdid himself. One of his finest performance till date. This many years in the industry, I don’t know how he still has hidden talent that we are never aware of. Or is it the Director that brings out the best in him? …. Dhanush too did a splendid job. His confidence in his performance was convincing, and definitely matched up to Amitabh’s performance. Akshara on the other hand, a newcomer. Really? Are you kidding me? Acting is definitely in her blood! Paired opposite 2 amazing talent and STARS….yet she delivers exactly what is required for her character. Not in one frame you see the resistant a newcomer would have normally. Every frame was made so beautiful with her screen presence. That’s what I call beauty with talent. I wish and hope she goes places.

Thank you to the Director Balki for delivering a film out of the norm but still entertaining for the audience. It had the perfect cast, an unique story, beautifully captured frames (thanks to PC Sreeram), and the dialogues….amazing! A little too much rhyming sometimes but it still made me laugh. 🙂

In the future, if anyone to refer a film for its acting excellence then Shamitabh would be a reference to many actors.