FB Tantrums

Each time I try to post up pictures on FB, it has never been an easy one for me. I will have to go through network error, page reloads by itself, picture cant be uploaded…etc. All these distraction makes me so frustrated that I stop uploading. Alot of people have complained that I do not upload pics on time or as soon as the event is over. Well for ur info this shit happens to me and I loose the mood to do it!

So now I have refreshed it and lets hope it gets uploaded…or else…you all would just have to wait…wait and wait!

FB Photos are never friendly to me! Why 😦


4 thoughts on “FB Tantrums

  1. hahahah..dont worry sometimes my FB sux to da max too..that’s why u see why i always email u ladies my pics?

    coz i couldn be bothered bout FB anymore.I feel that if i need to update about myself, it wil be sufficient to update you, bea and Ris will do.


    sorry ah..at this age updating would only revolves u 3 the most.Hahaha..if i’ve time and other ppl ask only i tell them..kakakak..*shh..dont say this to anyone..haha

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