Not that bad…

Well, like I said before in my previous entry, Im jobless now. Ill have to start from the scratch.

I went by my previous company to collect a trainee letter that I asked them to prepare for me and suprisingly they wrote me a very nice testimonial. And I was glad to receive it. The office manager told me, “I told the boss regarding the letter…and he said….”Oh..Tusil…she is good. Write something nice for her.”

……………………………….im speechless!

Hahah…well anyway, at least for the time I worked there I got a good review from them. Thanks to that. And now I have to start back to hearing ppl suggesting companies and jobs to apply to! Same old crap! I just want an holiday… more like an escape in caps!


11 thoughts on “Not that bad…

  1. astro!..Tv3…Tamil nadu….ermmm….where else cna uw ork? hahahahaha…tv8? honestly i dont know what kind of job u can apply…hoho

    1. hahahhaha chill chill… y u worrying bout that. im the one should worry. And im already applying la. so chill…hopefully something good comes my way.

      Thanks for ur care anyway. Hugs!

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