Singing Dune

Enjoying the sand
Enjoying the sand

Last Friday was an awesome escapade to the dessert here. The Malaysian Association of Qatar organized a trip to the Singing Dune. Well when I first heard of it, we all had our own imagination of how it would be like. As for me and a lot others, we thought that we would go to the dessert, and at the dune we can hear some sound when the wind comes along. But for our surprise, all of us were wrong about it. When we reached there, one of the committee member told us that, we had to climb to the top of the dune and slide down, then only we can hear the sound. All of us were like………WTH!!!!

If they had said earlier on how this singing dune works, we would have come extra prepared. We all wore jeans and shoes. You cant climb with shoes, and the sand was so hot that towards the top you had to climb so fast and mind you, climbing on the dunes is NOT EASY AT ALL!!! Mum nearly passed out. Once you reach the top, you can’t feel any part of your body. When we climbed the first one, none of us took any camera with us coz climbing itself was hell and also the wind was blowing the sand to the eye, so didn’t want to take risk with the cameras. But the second dune we went, I got pics of me climbing coz my parents couldn’t climb anymore and so Dad took pics of me climbing. The second one was easier to climb than the first one. The first was just too steep.

My hands still hurt from climbing and only yesterday I got the last bit of sand out from my eye. I hope to go again next time and that too well prepared!!!

More pics here.


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