LOVE – called a Thing!


That Thing Called Love by Tuhin A. Sinha, a novel revolves around a few couples, who are friends, lovers, spouse and etc. Set in the backdrop of the Mumbai monsoons, this novel revolves around people who are in search of love. (that’s how I would put it)

Readers would definitely relate to the story and the incidents written in it. But what I don’t understand is that, in the journey of searching love, it all seems like they are in search of lust. All characters in this novel are set for lust and not love. I guess I don’t blame the writer as most of the generation nowadays are more to physical attraction which is called love by some.

If a married couple’s relationship is in trouble, then one should try to fix it or seek help regarding it. But it shows that, they go seeking for sex and pleasure. I just don’t get it. A guy, who is already engaged, sees a woman out of a sudden and says he loves her knowing that she is married. Again I don’t blame the writer, as nowadays we see a lot of these issues revolve around us, especially with the celebrities. Another guy who has just a plain misunderstanding argument with his WIFE, gives himself to a gay even though he is not, just to get the physical pleasure. Oh god, what is going wrong?

Are those thing called LOVE??? … I’m not in love with anyone now, but for those who are, I really hope your definition of love is not like the above.

LOVE a person for his/her heart.

LOVE a person for his/her character.

LOVE a person for his/her nature.

LOVE a person for his/her attitude.

DO NOT LOVE a person plainly for his/her physical appearance. It would put the relationship in stakes.


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