Just Wondering….

As I lay on the bed while using my laptop, I was wondering about blogs. And how do people maintain their blogs everyday. For example, the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, he has a blog hosted by BigAdda, and he never fails to update his blog. And that too not short posts but really really long ones indeed.

I wonder, what If a day passes by where nothing interesting or exciting happen in your life. Then you wont have anything to update on…won’t you? Hmmmm….for example, my life! I dont find everyday interesting, some days are just a day. I stay home, do nothing! On those days as for me I just skip blogging. Hehe.

But not all the time I do that, as of instance, I actually have plenty to update on, just that I didnt get the time to be on it and now that I have the time, I dont have the materials (pictures) with me to update.

On another note, I still have Yasmin Ahmad’s blog linked to my blog. I still do check it even though I know she is no more. But I guess I still dont have the heart to delete her off from my blog. Oh well, sometimes its just nice to see her name on the right hand side of my blog, makes me think she is still there somewhere. *wonders*


8 thoughts on “Just Wondering….

    1. huh no la…. the way he writes its very personal. And also he writes about his father and family …which I think only he can express it that well. And another thing, I think he gets paid to write everyday on the blog. So its like a job! hahah!

      1. i wouldn’t be surprised if the hired writer himself is so good it convinces you that it’s all coming from Mr. Bachchan.

  1. no i don’t hehe…. just cynical about them using blogs as a publicity tool…. u may be right, may be AB and other celebs are paid. But daily blogging is not everybody’s cup of tea. Definitely, not celebs!

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