Long Overdue = Trip to the Awesomesauce Philippines

This entry was suppose to be weeks and weeks ago but I apologize that due to the family commitments, I had to give this a skip. And also since today is the last day of October, I better update something for this month. This entry is specially for u Babs! (note: this is a long post)


Day 1 – Touch-down

Journey started around 4am to KLIA, to catch our 7.15am flight. We took Air Asia. We reached Clark Field Airport in Philippines around noon and by the time we reached my cousin bro’s place it was nearly 3pm. It was good to see my cousins family and the two lovely kids (my nephew and niece).

Air Asia

Had lunch, rested a while, then we headed to a nearby mall to do some shopping for the kids. Cousin had to get back to work since it was a Friday. He joined us at night. Came home, had some family time.


Day 2 – Typhoon!

Woke up in the morning, got ready, all excited to go for an outing, but….typhoon came! The entire day was raining and

Nephew - Divyesh

there were lots of places flooded. People and workers were all stranded and traffic was stuck for nearly 4 hours (stand still) due to the floods. Horrible day for those affected. Even though we couldn’t do much, we were safe indoors which was much more important. We constantly got calls and SMS from home since CNN was doing a massive coverage on the issue.

So on that day, mum and dad decided to get some massage done. Dad did a foot reflexology and mum did a whole body massage. My sis-in-law called for manicure and pedicure for me but

Niece - Drishaana

unfortunately they were not free. So I ended up playing with my nephew and niece, watching movie and just hanging around in the house. Later my sis-in-law took us to a nearby mall which is famous for DVDs and also all the crystal accessories and other fashionable items. Dad bought 2 sets of jewellery for me and mum and also a bag for me and a suspender for himself.

Later in the evening, we went out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. My cousin wanted to take us to another shop but it was all closed due to the typhoon, so we ended up in some other restaurant. The food was good anyway.



Day 3 – What is Philippines made of?

It was a Sunday, firstly when we reached; my cousin was very excited that we manage to come on a weekend so that he can spend time with us. But unfortunately due to the heavy storm, all the sites were down and he had to be at work since he is in the communications field, he needs to fix the towers so that mobile phones can be used. So my sis-in-law took us out for a town tour. We visited a famous church and then we took a horse ride around the town. It was fun especially with the kids. On the way we saw so many monuments, statues, beautiful gardens and etc.

Horse Ride

After that, we headed to a mall for a nice lunch and some souvenir shopping. Then we headed to a place called Tandisitas, where they sell more souvenir things which can be bargained and also food and some dog shows are held there. My parents did quite a shopping for the house and themselves too. That’s where I got some bookmark souvenirs for my friends. Done with shopping there, we headed back to the same mall we visited yesterday to buy my ‘Secret Ketupat’ gift.

We the Hulk!

We headed home after all the massive shopping and then had some rest, bathe and refreshed


ourselves. Waited for my bro to get home and then we headed out again to another mall. Bro took us to a place called Toy World. It was somewhat like Toys R Us…but bigger and better. And since Halloween was around the corner, they had all the spooky stuffs lying around. I complaint to dad, why when I was a kid nothing like this was there. Hahahha….he just laughed and said Thank God for that…if not Ill be ‘pokai’ (bankrupt). After looking around awhile, I actually told bro I wanted Taboo, but they only had the cards as the refill version and not the whole set and so I bought Twister. Super Excited.

The kiddos.

For dinner, we went to a Chinese restaurant where they make their own noodles. And while eating you can actually see them make it. It was fun watching them make the noodles. (ill see if I can upload the video). Then as usual we did some walking walking at the mall before heading to another place called the Bonifacio High Street. It was just for a night walk. Great place to hang out.


Day 4 – Volcano!!!

Today was indeed an interesting experience. Me, dad, mum and the driver headed to see the Volcano. Bro was working

Boat ride.

and sis-in-law couldn’t come because of the kids. So we headed for it. It was nearly about 1 hour + car ride and through hills and forest. Good sight seeing on the way though. It looked like the village area in Malaysia (the kampong side). Once we reached there, we had to take a boat ride to the island where the volcano is. The boat ride was fun…until it started drizzling. Then we thought, oh god no..we cant make it to the volcano. But the people there were super cool. They said its just rain, not a problem. So once we reached the island, we took a horse ride up the volcano….yes I am saying it rite…its UP THE

My horse, Erica!

VOLCANO on a HORSE! Thank god we bought the Raincoats coz half way riding…it started to pour. So we paused and put on our raincoats and continued the journey. With the raincoat, my bag-pack, one hand holding onto the horse and the other holding the hood from covering my face….oh god…it was indeed a tough task but managed it somehow. Since I was raining, it was muddy and the horse slipped at a few place, but luckily I no one fell. Also there is a technique to it, when it is climbing up, we have to move our body forward so that we balance it. With all those hurdles, we manage to reach the top!

the view

And I must say, the view from the top was mind blowing. All the hurdles crossed were worth it to see the beauty of nature. The volcano was still partially active, as we could see the smoke coming out still and also the water bubbles. On the way down we also saw some hot lavas, which we were warned not to touch. After waiting a while on the top, the rain subsided and I took some shots there. Previous shots were spoilt due to the raindrops on my camera. The sight on the way down was simply beautiful but I couldn’t take any since I was on the horse and both my hands were occupied.

Returning from there was like getting your life back but it was all worth it. The boat ride back was much better this time

mum n her Jollibee!

with no rains. After we reached the shore, we drove back and stopped for lunch at Jollibee. It’s a bigger chain restaurant than McDs. It is a famous fast food restaurant there. For me it was okay, but mum loved it so much.

Once done with lunch, we visited the American Cemetery. One word: BEAUTIFUL. When you walk in there, you sense the calmness and the sorrow. The soldiers, who died fighting for peace, are now laid to rest in real peace. The soldiers’ names are listed on the walls and there are millions of name listed there. The place was well maintained and each and every cross is place perfectly in a straight line.

American Cemetery

It was indeed a great day. We headed back and just chilled out at home. My sis-in-law called the manicure and pedicure lady and so she came to the house and all of us got our nails pampered. It was my first time doing it and I liked the way my nails looked like. We were super tired, so just played around with the kids and headed to bed early.



Day 5 – Reality Bites!

Woke up, got ready, had breakfast and headed to the Airport and back to Kuala Lumpur. Which means….back to REALITY!


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