Free time = Movie time.

Even though I have nothing to do, I still don’t update my blog. I think the main reason is because I have nothing to update on.

But then again, I thought since I’ll be abandoning it for another month or so since Ill be visiting India for a month, hehe…yes peeps…Ill be visiting India for personal reason. Visiting grandma and temples like my usual India visits.

Anyway lately I’ve been watching quite a number of movies which varies in language. So I thought maybe let me write an update on the movies I have watched.

Let me start with the latest movie I just watched yesterday.

2012 – A movie on how the world ends. Amazing that we humans actually go to see a movie on how we die in the future (if it is for real). But at least we have an overview on what to aspect. Haha. Great effects, it doesn’t seem like effects at all in most of the parts, all look so real. Good cast, I like the way they somehow tried to cover all races in the world.

This Is It – A feast for MJ Fans, which is what everyone said. But maybe for a fan like me, its heart aching to watch it. Sad to watch his last days but the good thing is from this movie, I hope people will understand and change their views on how wonderful a person he was. Such a humble and sweet person he is. The show would have been a show of the century if at all it happened. The dance shown in it was superbly awesome.

Achamundu Achamundu – This is a movie which I was eagerly waiting to watch as I read so many reviews and hype even before its release. What’s special about this movie is, it is shot in US, with RED Camera, a tamil movie with Sync sound, and a new director with good artiste. I finally got the movie and it was indeed a good film. I like the feel and the story too. Good message in the film. The promos were more like horror but I think it’s a family thriller.

Eeram – When the movie came out, it sounded like nothing special. But after weeks running in the theatre and reading reviews about it, I thought I should watch this film. Mainly because it is produced by Shankar’s S Pictures. He somehow has the pick for good films. And yes this was a good film. It was something totally different from a typical Tamil film. The plot was great and also told in a very different point of view. The casting were good too, never expected someone who was portrayed as an animal-like-human in his previous film and in this as a smart and handsome police officer which so much dignity and class.

Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru – A whole lot of fun. I like the dialogue delivery in this film. Directed by a women director, I think she did a great job. Nice songs, nice plot, and as usual Mouli played a wonderful character. An issue if it happens in real life which will be handled seriously is handled in a chilled out manner in this film and luckily it clicked. Haha. I enjoyed it.

God Must Be Crazy I – For so many years, I have been hearing that this is such a great movie, and finally just a few months ago I bought it. Well, for me it was interesting in some parts but most of it I found boring. But for a film to be taken in that manner and that too years before I was even born, I think credit should be given. Didn’t like the way the story goes but acting was all superb. Mum said, when she watched it those days it was so funny and the best movie, but now I find it boring. Hahah… I think it’s the time we live in now.

Scoop – I wanted to watch the movie for 2 reasons, 1 – it had Hugh Jackman in it, 2 – Woody Allen was in it too. But after watching the film, I kinda have another liking, just for this film which is Scarlett Johansson. She was amazing. The plot was great, and the humour was just enough and dialogues were great especially for the character Sydney (Woody Allen). This is also another film where a serious issue is portrayed in a light manner. I like it!

Fire – I had this movie with me for more than a year and just managed to watch it. Hmmmmmm……..! What can I say, a movie which has equal weight for men and women I would say. I cant site the women here and neither I can site the man. Not a film to watch with family. I like the fact that a movie is told with such minimal characters.

London Dreams – Recent release Hindi film which stars Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin. I watched it for Asin. And I think she did a great job. Her mannerism in this film has some change and it was something new to see. Story was okay, Salman and Ajay did a good job too. But I think there was too much of the word Praa…in the film. Hahah….I like a song in it, which is Man Ko Athi Bhavey.

Masilamani – I actually have no reviews for this movie. It was just a normal tamil film, with great songs visualized very well. Story was okay and Nakul needs to keep in character, in certain scenes he keeps being himself. Sunaina a girl whom doesn’t know tamil but thankfully she knows how to lip sync well. It’s a one time watch and just for entertainment.

All The Best – A hindi film with many cast, kind of a replica of a tamil film Kadhala Kadhala just that told in a different way. They had good humour in it and the star cast are worth a watch.

Do Knot Disturb – Another hindi film with a few star cast and it was okay. Again nothing great in the plot, just with the same story and different twist here and there. But I really like the way Govinda calls for Dolly. Hahhaha! Hilarious. A scene in it was ripped off from the movie Panchathantiram (tamil movie), but luckily minor changes were made. Just another pass time movie.

Hopefully I’ll review on more movies that I’ll be watching. Don’t take my reviews exactly as it has been mentioned because, different people have different taste. So a movie which I didn’t like, you may like it. So enjoy!


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