After being at home for 8 days, I finally had an outing with my parents. For those who know me, they know the life here in Doha. Well anyway, the reason for the outing was mainly because I was having some urinary problem hence I needed the clinic. Fortunately my urine test was all clear and the doctor doesn’t know why I have such symptoms and so gave me some soluble to be taken for 5 days. I’m on it now. 🙂

Since we were out, we planned to shop a little and have lunch before heading back. We went to City Centre and there Mum told me to get a new phone and also said that not to feel bad that Dad is paying. (coz Ive been minimizing their expenses on me…since im still jobless). Well anyway, Dad agreed and we headed to the electronics section to look for one.

I told dad that since it is just a temporary phone, ill get the cheapest one. And to my surprise, the cheapest phone there was QR66. I never knew that phone prices have come down sooooooo much! I was happy that I didn’t have to tax my dad so much and I told him ill get that, coz all I need is to receive/make call and sms. But dad was not happy at all….he told me not to be so silly and said at least get a phone with the minimal features of todays trend. Well, if you want to know what he meant, it was….get a phone with mp3, speaker, color screen, Bluetooth, grps, gps…bla bla. Dad was pointing out to the 400+ and 500+ phones. I couldn’t manage him so I called mum over and she said, just get a normal phone, and later once I earn I can buy a good one. Then after so much of thinking and all…dad pointed to a QR384 phone and I pointed out to a QR254 phone. He didn’t like my choice coz in the specs, there isn’t mp3, or media player or usb port and all. But still I liked it…coz it had camera and Bluetooth, 2 features which I use the most. But dad was not keen at all…he then gave up and he handed me QR500 and said, just pick a phone u want within that amount and come. So I did as he said, I picked my choice the Nokia 2729 fold – for QR254. I paid at the counter and came. What attracted me to the phone was the fact that it is a flip phone that I always wanted (just that I wanted the MotoRazr still this is perfect) and also the keypad which was to my comfort.

Once shopping was over, it was lunch time. We went to one of our favourite restaurants here which serves Korean and Japanese food. Mum had her Korean food and Dad and I had Japanese food, the portions were so so so huge…(each dish cost QR53). It is considered a normal price in shops here. Soon as lunch was over, we headed back home.

And yes, I started meddling with my new toy. To my surprise, I told dad that, we have got a good buy. Because when I on the phone and checked the features, it had mp3, media player, video recording, gprs, good speaker. So now Dad is happy with my purchase and he is saying maybe they tagged it wrongly. Hahah…. Here when you buy the phone, they only show you the phone, you can’t take a look at the screen and features, they do not demo the phone to you at all. So I guess its worth a buy!

As for my old phone, my dear Motorola E398…thank you for working with me for 4 years. You will be treasured….in my cupboard! 😛

Say hello to My-new-BlackLady!


4 thoughts on “My-new-BlackLady!

    1. its not manly enough to be a guy. hahah! and moreover i think i named my pc, laptop, cameras all as man. so let this be a lady. haha!

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