1 Min Film-making

As I promised, here it is a post on the workshop I recently attended. Sorry it took a while since I needed time to recover and also to get the mood.

I made it a point to write it today and that too thanks to Nish.

Well, as one of my previous entry was on how I got into the workshop, here is what I went through in it. First day was kinda scary for me at first as I was the first to arrive and that too not knowing anyone there at all. But soon I made friends really fast as everyone who came were super friendly. We played some ice-breaking games and then continued with the workshop.

It is a workshop on 1 Min Film-Making. So, we were told to write in our scripts and some were selected. One of it was mine. So due to that, we had to get into groups and I had to direct my piece. We were given 6 days. But in total my film took 3 days, 1 day to shoot (6 hours), 1 and 1/2 day to edit. It was like rushing for time but somehow we managed to finish. There were 3 films made in that 6 days.

Through this entire process, I learned a totally different kind of film-making. From what I use to do back in Uni, here it is all with new concept, new ideas and new strategy. In film-making, my lecturer use to tell me that your cameraman is like your girlfriend and your editor is like your wife. Well as for girls is the other way round. But here, I guess I got my editor rite but my cameraman was a little difficult to work with. Mainly because, language was a problem. Explaining my thoughts in English and he not getting it very well…we needed our translators in between. But it was fun though. I liked some of his ideas too. At times I also like to take some shots as how I like them to be. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage some of it. I had to make do with what I could.

Secondly my actors….two of them had gone through some acting course and the other is not. Again it was difficult to explain shots to them, because one of them wants to know every shot and how it is gonna be cut in the editing and he decides for himself on from where to start and to end. This problem I had with the cameraman too. For a person who knows editing too, I tend to think as an editor sometimes more than a director. I have no clue if it is a good idea or not. But yah, like I said, they come up with their own versions, and continuity is something I am very very particular about but my actors did try to change so many things. Which I keep telling them it is continuity but every scene I need to check everything. And I must say I didnt do a good job in that, as there were many continuity breaks which we made do in the editing. Another problem that I was facing is that, one of my actor loves the camera so much…that he keeps looking at the camera. Even after telling him not to, and during shots…it was difficult to keep an eye on that since we didnt have a monitor hence I had to be running behind the cameraman to see the LCD, we only noticed so many shots like that in the editing table.

Leaving behind all these, I think we all did a fairly good job in producing a 1 Min Film-making within a week. That is coming up with script, getting the actors, location, costume, props, time, shoot, and edit. And now we were told, there is another one probably starting end of the month. Lets see how that goes. So far Im enjoying this learning process. Its a great experience to work with people around the world.


4 thoughts on “1 Min Film-making

  1. haiyayaya….i cannot compromise all la like this…
    How the heck u went thru that with them…
    I think its time for u to learn their language..lol….
    Anyhow, Ive got no patience man..reading time itself im like wtf wtf wtf…lol…

    Anyway glad its been a great experience and that u enjoyed urself…n give urself some credits for the job done!! when can we watch that 1 min movie?

    Oh and your actor who kept looking at the camera…so funni!!

  2. hahaha…have to compromise la. Coz its given to u and not picked by urself. So make the best out of what you have la.

    Anyway its for a film festival so its up to them when they wanna show. If I get a copy then ill show u all.


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