Dinner last Thursday at my residence here went on pretty well. Based with the theme for Valentines, For Happiness. It was indeed nice to see everyone gathered together. Of the lot, we missed just one person due to much homework in school and exams.

As planned, every family walked in the house revealing their color dresses for the night. Unfortunately the Pink Family failed to do so. They just came with some pink ribbon and that too didn’t last long enough. So those were the few disappointments to be mentioned. (there was more bt not worth mentioning).

Games went on pretty well and I must say the adults are a bunch of difficult people to manage compared to the kids. Oh my…I never thought they will be that unmanageable. But of course with the help of Mum to control the ladies and Dad to control the men, everything went on smoothly.

After the games (which actually went over time), we had our guest screaming for food. Haha…no one realized the time was already nearly 9pm. So Mum displayed the food and after filling all the hungry stomachs, we proceeded with the Secret Valentine Gift.

Everyone was indeed happy with what they got. And here is what I got! Something that I love soooooooo much.

I got a POC Johnny Depp Magic Mug. ❤

Was happy that the guest enjoyed and the party ended at 1.30am!!! That shows how happy they were. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Post-Mortem

  1. Despite the colour dramas before the party, and the difficulty of making the adults to understand a simple word called “secret”, I guess it pulled of well end of the day…and sometimes people don’t have particualr colours of clothings, we can’t blame them u see…:) neither do I have a pink if u ask me to come in one! :p

    But anyways…i saw the pictures…funni nice….loadsa fun i can see…the wine couple were cute tho!

    1. they were suppose to be creative and i did give them so many suggestion to turn a black top to pink. but they were just not bothered. so cant help it la. after asking all to RSVP their attendance still one person didnt come and they didnt even bother to call and tell. So i just didnt care much la. They are not a fun bunch for all these stuffs. 🙂

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