11.30pm Show!!???

26th of February was the date of release worldwide for the movie Vinnaithaandi Vaaruvaya, but unfortunately like any other Tamil movies, it always reaches Doha a little late. Hence, this movie got released in Doha on March 4th. It was a Thursday and the first day of its release here. Movie screenings here are very unpredictable; sometimes certain movie plays for weeks and some only for a few days. Considering the fact that the timings are so horrible that we can only make it on weekends and not on weekdays especially for this movie. So we decided to go for the 11.30pm show since Friday is a holiday, a late night show is manageable. We decided to stop by and get the tickets earlier, and to my surprise most of the seats were fully booked. When I purchased my tickets, there were only 20 seats available. That is really shocking here as most of the movies there would hardly be 20 – 30 people max. I can’t say that the crowd is due to it being a Thursday or first day release or the time we went. (Whatever it is…the crowd were mostly all bachelors).

11.00pm and we headed in to get our seats as it is free seating. (do not question the system here). I told myself; the theatre is filled with bachelors, they are super noisy lots, and they would scream and talk for no reason, so I didn’t want to get upset over it as I couldn’t do anything about it. But I must tell, it was a good sight as I sat earlier I could see those who came for the movie. It was hilarious to see a mum carrying a child with broken arm, another child walked in with a backpack, another group of children walked in as though it was a school trip, another kid wore cap and was dressed as though he is here for a baseball match…..and for your information it was 11.30pm! These kids don’t sleep or the parents do not let them. 🙂

Putting all those apart, now let’s begin with the movie.

Lights off – Crowd screams + whistle + comments

Advertisement – Another round of whistle

I laid my hand on my head and told mum, there goes the pleasure of watching this film. Already the reviews say that the movie is slow-going, so I expect a lot of subtle moments, and with these screaming and shouting I won’t be able to enjoy it at all.

Censor Certificate – Scream

Then came the title sequence of the film, heavy cheers and whistle was for Silambarasan, Trisha, ARRahman, and Gautham Menon. This is the first time in my life I witness audience whistle for a music director and the director. Never have I experience that. It was a good feeling. Wish I knew how to whistle and if at all I knew, I couldn’t have done it with the presence of my parents and family friends. (Adaki vasikinum…hehe)

The movie began and the crowd kept on screaming for unnecessary scenes and actually spoiling the dialogue scenes. Many dialogues in the film couldn’t be heard due to the noise made by the audience. Despite all that I did enjoy the movie but I guess without the extra background score from the audience I would have enjoyed it better.

I recall one incident:

Hero on-screen: First love is something special. You can’t forget it.

Hero in cinema: Sareke adicha ellam marantherum-ma! (If you have a shot of alcohol you will forget it).

I wonder how hilarious it is but at that moment, when a serious intense moment is going on, there are some dumbos who spoil that moment for you in a good way.

This was my experience watching a Tamil movie in this environment for the first time in Doha. It was indeed an experience but dad told me, next time no more 11.30 shows okay!!!

Since I was taken aback by the entire movie experience itself, I decided to blog the review of the movie in my next entry, if not these will go pages and pages. hehe!


2 thoughts on “11.30pm Show!!???

  1. hahahahhaha….akka……advertisement -another round of whistle???????????????????????? hahahahahahah…LMAO!! WHAT rubbish these pple up to la!omg!!

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