Vinnaithaandi Vaaruvaya

Vinnaithaandi Vaaruvaya, recently released Tamil film by Director Gautham Vasudev Menon. It has Silambarasan@Simbu and Trisha playing the lead characters and music scored by Academy Award Winner AR Rahman. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa, Editing by Anthony, Art by Rajeevan, Lyrics by Thamarai, Costumes by Nalini Sriram and Produced by Madan Ganesh Kumar Jayaram.

Since the release of the film, reviews were pouring in as it is one of the most anticipated films with lots of expectations. Most of the reviews read that it was a slow going movie, the screenplay in the second half was too boring, and only watch the movie if you have time to spare. Most audience also said the same. Some even wrote that they were disappointed.

Firstly, the reason why this movie is such a great hype is because of its director. Director Gautham Vasudev Menon is not a newcomer to the industry but has been around long enough. And he has already established a mark for himself. He has made movies like Minnale, Kaaka Kaaka, Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu and Varnam Aayiram. Personally speaking, his previous release was such a big hit, but I didn’t enjoy it much. I guess it was for various reasons. But songs were super hit, I love them!

Back to Vinnaithaandi Vaaruvaya (translated: Will you cross the sky for me), as for Gautham, I appreciate the way he matched real life with reel life. It has such simple story line, limited characters and yet he made this film in his style that can capture the hearts of his audience. (I here speak for myself ….I don’t know what the rest has to say). Normally when a film revolves around 2 characters, there are huge chances that it’s going to bore the audience, but here I never felt the boredom even for a second.

The 2 main characters, Silambarasan as Karthik and Trisha as Jessie, they have portrayed a role like never before. As for Simbu, frankly I never liked his dialogues, actions and all those styles that he brings in for a film, but in this film, he did justice to the role. Dialogues with a touch of humour and delivered well enough was a soothing to the ears. From the promos, I thought the ‘lip-lock’ scenes are going to be so overdone and hence the film is not for family audience (keeping in mind Simbu’s previous films). But thankfully, it was taken in a pleasant way that you don’t have to look away from the screens or feel ashamed that your parents are sitting next to you. Thanks to Gautham! As for Trisha, I liked her look in this film; her screen presence was pleasant to the eye. Good to see her not doing kuttu song or dancing around trees. But one flaw was that her sarees, they were tied so untidily that in long shots, her walking shots looked so horrible. And I wonder, since Trisha is a Tamil speaking girl, why she didn’t dub for herself.

Dubbing is done for 99% of films in India, so it is for this movie too. For Trisha, a noted and famous Indian singer, Chinmayi, has dubbed for her. Chinmayi has been dubbing for most of the lead actresses nowadays. Some of it is; for Sameera Reddy in Varanam Aayiram and Asal, Bhumika for Sillunu Oru Kadhal, Neetu Chandra for Yaavarum Naalam and Theeratha Villayatu Pillai, and etc. The dept of the character Jessie was complete when a voice like Chinmayi’s was combined. She did a brilliant job as usual like her previous films. And thankfully lip sync was perfect. I love to admire dialogue delivery and tonal quality in a dialogue and after watching Yaavarum Naalam and Modhi Villayadu, I wondered why the characters were so likable, later I found out that the voice that made the character mould to be a whole beautiful piece. Great work, Chinmayi! I look out for more movie with your voice in the future!

Chinmayi has also sung a song in this film under the composition of AR Rahman, titled Anbil Avan. These AR Rahman musical was simply superb. All the tracks are incredible. Especially the song Mannipaya is sung utterly amazing by Shreya Ghoshal and ARR himself!!! Variations of the word ‘Manipaaya’ are unbelievable. Listening to the song itself takes you places. The lyrics by Thamarai are another superb plus for the songs. Every word with meaning that touches your heart.

Another special mention in this film is the ‘cameraman’ in the film, Mr Ganesh. He has such a charm that he doesn’t need to open his mouth or do any actions, he just has to appear on screen and the audience go laughing. He has a unique voice that is his plus and great sense of humour. Great pick for the film.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film despite watching it in such a situation (refer to previous post). I loved the way it was told. I didn’t find it boring at all. And the ending was PERFECT!!! This movie does make you recall your love in two ways.

If you got your love – it’s a good feeling.

If you didn’t – it’s a sad feeling.

Simple story told in a simple way.

Fall in love – Love is Beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Vinnaithaandi Vaaruvaya

  1. im suprised u liked it…NOOO LOVED IT…hahah…good stuff tho..again, that bear all acting after being given a clean shave still didnt mk much of a difference! BUT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS songs are silky fine! and mmmhmmm her sarees so obvious, while she shows him his back which he loves see-ing half of the time in the movie, it wasn’t properly tied!

    1. hahahhahahahha….. u noticed the saree too!?? hahha. yah surprisingly i liked it. weird. not a fan of love stories most of the time.

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