My Previous Entry

For the benefit of my other readers, I’ve decided to re-blog my previous entry. It is a little difficult to explain certain things in English when it is best in Tamil. But I’ll try. And the title of the previous entry was, An Entry in Tamil. 🙂

Here it goes.

I wanted to write a story/script, but, after half an hour, I saw the paper was still empty.

Even though how long I’m gonna sit, I wont even come up with one shit.

I don’t understand what/why is this happening!!

And for those who can read Tanglish…here it is.

Kaathai ezhuthulaam-nu orkanthean aanal aranmani neram kallichu paarthaal, paper innum gali aagave irrukindrathe.

Innum evalavo neram orkanthalum oru mannangkatiyum varathe.

Ithu yean endru puriyavillai!!

Today I’ll try to sit and write again, hope I get some inspiration. Stories doesn’t come just like that to me. Sometimes while I sleep I get stories, and I end up getting up just to jot in down  in a notebook. Am I really going Insane?!!


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