I’ve been seeing this ad on TV lately and sorry to say but I really don’t understand it. So do watch it and if anyone could understand it, please explain it to me! 🙂 Thanks!!!


12 thoughts on “So-called-Magic

    1. HAHAHHA!!! You are indeed smart!!! I was like cracking my head thinking what nonsense it is. And even Mum ask me if I understood the ad coz she didnt too! hehe. Thanks for the explanation.

      1. I think it helps that I’m in the advertising business LOL They should’ve made it clearer for the consumers though. My pleasure to unearth the mysteries of the advertising industry! 😛

      2. Hahaha…yah. Cool! That proofs you are the best at the Advertising Industry! *weeee!*

        Oh and apparently I explained to my mum too and she said she figured it out but she forgot to tell me. Her figuring out was the tagline which said, Color Stay! hahah!

        She is smarter than me….heheh!

  1. Honestly, i watched it 12 times again n again, word by word…i paused to comprehend parts of it to try to understand! It didnt work, but all I know its about the paint! :p

  2. hhahah…read!!What tha…………so he made the building go missing..n the lady was like eh its still there…n tts coz the paint…!!!??? haiyooooooooooooooooo………………i think their brains is in their backside!

    1. It’s actually quite smart in terms of creative concept – something that’s out of the box, albeit a little corny. Perhaps they overestimated their consumers’ intelligence.

      1. hahaha yah i guess they did overestimated it. anyway now that i know the concept its actually good bt i have a question. If they say the color stays, then when the building is not there, the paint is only there…doesnt it mean the paint detached from the building already? 🙂

      1. Hahah memang. but then at least now I know who to ask about Ads that i dont understand. Muahahhaha!!! im in the ad mood now. SO ill post more ads. hehhehe!

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