After being at home for 10 consequence days, I have been making it up by going out with parents to some places that I really like to go and some just for the sake of going.

Yesterday was indeed hilarious and also frustrating at the same time. We (my parents and I) headed out in the morning for some house-hunt. Yes! We are planning to move. (Prays to get a good deal). Anyway, after the house hunting, we had lunch at The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. I had my favourite dessert, the fried ice cream but this time with chocolate ice cream. I must say the vanilla tasted better. After lunch, we went back home and planned to go for movie which was at 5.30pm. At 4.15pm I came out of my room to make a call to make sure that the movie is playing (here they change to their wish and they don’t inform anywhere…it happens). But before that I went to the washroom and when I came out, my mum said, Oh no…the movie is at 5 not 5.30!!… It’s weird on how both my parents ALWAYS get the timings wrong. From now on, I have to make sure I double-check the timings. So yah, hence the rush to catch the movie. It was already 4.30pm. In this rush, there was another incident. One idiot (put in all the bad words you know on) parked the car at the entrance and blocked the way out. How smart…non of the cars parked in the second row could come out. Must have been a super dumb ass!. So we called the guard, who speaks got knows what language, he can’t understand us, we can’t understand him…crap!

After a while waiting, dad recognized a car which is my neighbour’s and so told mum to call him to remove his car and then we could at least go out. So in that rush, go up, call uncle, come down, take the car, drive to the theater and get the tickets and funnily….only 5 people in the balcony partition of the cinema hall. We sat at our seats and the show begin. We were heading for a comedy show and how we got to the show itself was a comedy. We had a good laugh at ourselves and also for the movie. We watched Tamil Padam, which is a spoof of all Tamil films, something like Scary Movie. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Outing…

  1. Good luck with finding a good deal on a new house! Another apartment or land property?

    Haha, it’s funny how you said your parents always get timings wrong … next time, you check yourself k? LOL Nasib baik tak pernah miss flights 😛

    1. Haha…u cant buy land here unless u have the citizenship. So just looking for another apartment for rent. hehe!

      And yes the flight thing, dad did see it wrongly once too…but luckily it was corrected like weeks before we flew. haha!

  2. Did u mean cant rent land property? Anyway u cant buy house here except for the ones at The Pearl (it is a place here), other than that u can only rent. And if u purchase a house in The Pearl, u can get citizenship of Qatar.

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