Woke up and the feeling was………..”I wanna go home!!!!……pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!”

After waking up every hour of the night, finally at 7am I got up and freshened up and ordered for milk. I needed something for my stomach, I knew it will be worst otherwise. While sipping into my milk and forcing myself to eat biscuit, I gave a call home and spoke to mum and dad while sitting on my beautiful red sofa. heheh!

It was good to wake up early, sit by the window and just see the world outside. Indeed refreshing. The entire morning I stayed in the hotel and rested well. Brunch with our coordinator and then off for some city sight seeing. We stopped by a place where new designers have their stall to promote and sell their designer stuff. Some were nice and some were just normal. While on the way to lunch we all bought ourselves some screenplays by the roadside. I got myself  ‘Psycho’. Reading it is tough. *pwehh*

While walking...

We walked a lot just to explore and then headed to Times Square. Click…click…click…and then went in some shops and off to Empire State Building. We went up to the highest floor, thanks Faizal. It was amazing. The highest floor is closed whereas the 80 something floor is outdoor with fence…of course…if not Tussy wont be here now. I would have flew long time ago. The wind was so strong and cold. Nice experience though.

Times Square
A view from The Empire State Building

Back at the hotel, and there was a welcome dinner for us but I had to skip it as I was feeling terrible once again. 😦 So this was my dinner in the room.

Chicken Sandwich

6 thoughts on “NYC 2

  1. Love the 3rd picture..My dream…MY dreeeeeeeaaammm…..nice nice nice…n u skipped welcome dinner!!!??? bad decision!!!lols….n hahahha…yeah u wud have flewn back to doha…safe flight ticket expenditure.hahahahha

    1. third pic??? the view of the building is ur dream? haha!

      anyway i skipped dinner coz i felt dizzy and wanted to puke. and moreover….they dont save of flight ticket coz they still have to pay for me to get back. haha!

      anyway throughout the whole event that dinner was the only one i skipped. the rest i attended like a good girl. 🙂

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