Today, me and 2 of my friends had a moment to remember. We entered the lift to go to our class and guess who was in the lift…..???………. its Robert De Niro. *pwehhh* As much excited as we were, we had to keep our cool.

As for the workshop, we all narrated our story to Sabrina and she brainstormed with us to improve our script and also told us what to look out and what to add in. We all need to develop our stories more.

Later we watched The Painted Veil and had a Q&A session with Ron, the writer of the film. Very interactive and good knowledge learned.

Back to the hotel, grabbed some milk and croissant for dinner (yes I know.. pathetic but I had to go slow on my stomach..hehe). Then after doing some work, I headed out for the NY Filmmaker Party with my fellow mates. Nothing great except for people drinking and smoking away. We spent hardly half hour and we left. On the way back, Justin took us to see a famous mural artist who was doing the mural at that time. He has a wall dedicated to him and he puts up his work there. He was working with his helpers there and to my surprise no one bothered him at all. If it were to be back home, kabaabooom….that guy would have been a chapati on the road.

The Mural
Thats the guy! Shepard Fairey

Back to the hotel to charge my batteries for tomorrow!


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