Workshop started with breakfast with Ted Hope, a known producer there. He gave a insight on producing independent films. Good knowledge to know. Then classes continued with Sabrina. We did some script reading with her and it was so much fun. Mine had to go through so much of improvement but for all the better. Hope I have the time to re-do my script.

Last Day pic with Sabrina.

We headed back to the hotel before going to the premiere of SHREK 4. We went to the DTFF screening and not the studios screening. They had green carpet for the guest and I could see the kids having so much fun getting their pics taken at the green carpet with their Shrek ears. I was really disappointed in not getting one for myself. They said it was only for kids. 😦 Well anyway we had Green cotton candy and we took silly pictures with it. (most of it taken by a friend). The committee made us all wait near the entrance by telling us that something special is coming in and they need a picture of us with them. We all guessed so many names….but at the end it was Whoopi Goldberg and Robert De Niro. It was indeed surprising to see them. They were both nice and humble. Wonderful to click pics with the stars eh!

Shrek and I.

SHREK 4 was just okay, if not for the 3D, it would have been so boring. The free popcorns were much better than the movie. There we get the salted popcorn, and each time I eat them, I think of my friend Nora.

After the movie..A click with our 3D glasses.

The day ended well. Back to the hotel, Bagel with cream cheese and hot milk for dinner again. The guy at Starbucks didn’t know how to charge for the milk so all I paid was $1. Hehe… My Luck!


4 thoughts on “NYC 5

    1. yah coz u always crave for Salted Popcorn. And i must say that now im a fan of it. I get it here in Doha too. Hehe!

      1. Yah true…not muak. Taste also nicer than the caramel. In one of the cinemas we went to in US, they had the butter to put on top. Lagilahh sedap giler! 🙂

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