Our schedule today was the screening of Budrus in the afternoon. So my friend and I decided to go roam around abit. I wanted to go to Madamme Tussards in Times Square and also to buy dad’s collection t-shirt of Hard Rock Cafe. I enjoyed myself in Madamme Tussards. Johnny Depp’s figure made my day. I had no heart to leave the room. Besides just the wax figures, they had a walkway through a room called Scream. OMG! Super scary. I screamed the whole way till I walked out. The entire room is dark and you won’t know where to go. And there were black figures coming out of the wall to scare you. After that, we just popped in to look at the Ripley’s Museum, wish I had more time to visit it too. Then the M&Ms World and Hershey’s store. It was like amusement park to me. So much colors and chocolate everywhere.


After lunch, we headed to the documentary. This is the first screening that I attended which after the film, the audience clapped for nearly 5 mins. It was a loooong clap. They must have enjoyed it so much. Very emotional film, and for me it was a little difficult to watch. Got a chance to interact with the stars whom I call the real Heroes!

Q&A with Budrus cast and crew

Then it was the Cairo Time screening. We didnt get good seats but it was okay. I was watching the movie for the second time. The after party for the movie was pleasant. Not too many people, just enough people to mingle around with. One of the actors that came in for our workshop also dropped in. She is Amy and she came in together with her boyfriend who is also an actor, Manu. He has acted in The Love Guru and many more. I think his upcoming flick is The Wall Street. It was the last day we were meeting Ruba and Patricia. Miss them much.

with Patricia and Ruba

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