Daddy’s Girl

Ma : It’s the weekend. You are not working. Why don’t you ask her to take the car and go.

Pa : No, it’s ok. When we are not here, she has to drive anyway. So when I’m around let her rest and travel peacefully.


Yesterday some family friends came over for breakfast and we were having chats on how Dad’s are towards girls. During those conversation is when my Mum mentioned about the above conversation with Dad. I felt touch. My Dad actually thinks and cares so much about me. (not to say my Mum doesn’t….hehe…she cares even more)

And also once someone was taken back when I said, “My Parents are here to pick me Β up.”

They were shock that my parents actually come together to pick me up and drop me off. All I can say is I’m glad I have them as my parents.


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