A Taste of a Housewife

5am – Kringggg……Kringggg…..Kringggg…….!!!

Shut it! Wake up time. Some time with Colgate and the Flush and to the kitchen. Make coffee and pack bread (with butter and jam), or sometimes Thosai @ Dosa (since thats the only one on Ready Made Packs). Watch TV till he comes for breakfast and leaves to work. Send him off and back to TV for a bit and off to bed once again.

Wake up at 9am, another round with Colgate and Flush and this time the Shower too and then to the kitchen to make breakfast for myself. Have a peaceful breakfast with TV. Let the heavy stomach rest a bit and then to the kitchen once again, this time to make lunch. Decide what to cook for half an hour and then start the process. Done with it, clean the kitchen. Sit for a bit then notice some dust around the corner, thinks to self – Oh…I didn’t sweep the house yet. So then, sweeping time and on some days mopping time too. Then sees the clothes on the bed unfold or clothes drying or clothes need to be washed, so whichever it is, has to be done.

By then, its lunch time. Eat whatever has been cooked and do amendments if there is any before it goes to him at night. Then clean the dishes and then on the laptop till he comes back. Can’t sleep till he is back because need to open the door for him (not that he doesn’t have the key….but this is how it works). It would then be 5pm, need to take shower and prepare for prayers. Once done, sit for a while to watch TV and he says, ‘Shall we eat?’.

OK. Back to the kitchen, heat up food, put in plates and dinner at the table. Done with the food, wash dishes and clean the kitchen. If there is still space in the tummy for fruits, then fruits it is. 🙂 (Good for health ma!) Wait till 9pm, turn the altar lights off and the rest and head to the room for more laptop time. Clock hits 11pm without even knowing, which means time to sleep!

5am – Kringggg……Kringggg…..Kringggg…….!!!

Well, that is my life for the past 3 weeks and on some days it gets worst when I head out for my work. But anyhow, I am glad I have managed the household pretty well so far. From tomorrow I can say byebye to the 5am alarm. What a relief. Oh…and the ‘he’ that was mentioned above is my Dad. Mum will be back tomorrow and so I will resume my normal life which is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat…..etc.

In these 3 weeks, I realize how difficult it is to manage a home and also to look after your family. Of course I should thank my Dad for being so nice and not a difficult person to look after at all…hahha. And from now on, I would not complain on anything ( will try my best ) my Mum does for the home and family. Damn, I only got  a taste of it for 3 weeks, I can’t imagine how she has and is still coping with it for 32 years+!

But in a way, it wasn’t just about now and this time, but I also realize this is how life would be once married. Because I think I am the kind of person who wants things my way, especially the kitchen….hahahha….trades from my mother I guess.

This entry would be a tribute and salute to all HOUSEWIVES out there and my dearest MUM!


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