A Pinch of…….Life?

I always feel fresh when I have my hair washed in the morning. The weather today seemed nice, so I decided to sit outside for a bit and do some reading. But that good feeling didn’t stay long due to my neighbour who was on the phone taking out his frustration regarding the furniture in his house. I laughed each time he said ‘sew-faaa’ = Sofa. Soon after he started grilling some meat and I didn’t want my washed hair to smell of smoke, so I returned back in to my room and to my laptop.

I then overheard Mum on the phone with her friend, talking about family and parents. As for my Mum, she never really got the love of her parents, because her Dad died when she was 7 and her Mum left her to India when she was 8. It has always been staying with foster family (whom are her extended family/relatives). She never got what she wanted and her lifestyle was something decided by them and all she did was follow with no questions asked. Listening to her talk about her life to her friend made me wonder – What kind of life am I living?

I must say, I live like a Queen. Everything is done for and cared for. My Mum NEVER tells me to do anything at home. The only thing she does tell me to do is clean my room – which I hardly do and sooner or later she does it for me. Seriously, What kind of life am I living?

Mum does all this for us, maybe because….

Mum never got the love of her parents, that she showers unconditional love towards me and my family.

Mum never had the liberty to do what she wanted that she lets me decide on things I want to do in life.

Mum did housework (cook, clean, wash, etc) all her life that she doesn’t want me end up doing all those. (But that doesn’t mean, she didn’t teach me…..haha, each time she gets the opportunity, she tells me how to be a good homemaker.. 🙂 )

Despite doing all this, if I have a cut on my finger, she would do even more. After all it is just a cut, but no, that’s how much she cares for me.


Sometimes I think, she sees her “’wanted’ life through me. Since she never had a family of her own. We are her only family. My Dad, my Brother and Me!


5 thoughts on “A Pinch of…….Life?

  1. Hey.

    Nice post. But i don’t think your mom does all that for you cuz of what she lacked in her life, cuz i believe most mothers are just made this way. My mom does all that your mom does + alot more for me and she herself happened to be a very pampered child as was the only daughter with 1 brother. So i guess its just that mothers are made this loving with all that unconditional love, that’s why there can never be a replacement for them.

  2. Awwww…your mum is like my mum! I was living like a queen too. Note the point…WAS! 😛

    Now that I’m married, life is not the same anymore 😦 Its such a big turning point in life especially when u stay with in-laws. So, bottom line is…

    Dear Tus,

    Nandri Vanakkam! _/\_

    1. Haha Sharmi oh Sharmi…..you are freaking me out! I wonder now if I will even get married. hahah!

      Lets see….if Johnny Depp…abit susah la. SUre yes already. hahah!

  3. Aww. My mom came from a difficult childhood too. She was the eldest and had to care for 5 siblings, while her mom remarried and moved elsewhere. And her dad had issues too. She does everything for me too, from getting out from the car to get groceries and tapau food (she hardly makes us go out to do these), make milo for me at midnight while I do nothing online, gives me some money before I fly off to KL eventho I already have a job.

    And with my mom around, I can trust her to entertain my friends and other guests to the fullest. She’ll bring out the food, drinks, chit-chatting, etc. She sure knows how to throw a good party, haha.

    Aww. Now you’re making me miss home 😛 Oh wait, I’m going back for the weekend, hurrah!

    Cian Sharmi. Nevermind, this is only the first year. Who knows what the rest of this year will bring 😀 Ala, mesti got happy ending punya. Kan Tussy? Heheheh!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Tati…..yes we dont know what the year end brings…. All hoping for good ending.

      Your mums childhood is also not a pleasant one. 😦 Sadly. Well I just wish that their life now is all worth it…with us as their daughters. 🙂

      Take care.

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