The Waiter

Hi, it’s been a long time.

2 hours of thinking and contemplating various options, I decided on it.

I drove to Carrefour and had lunch at a shop there called Pak Hailam Kopitiam. I had Meehoon Fried with Curry Chicken. It was pleasant and the taste of their White Coffee was also good.

Since I was having lunch alone, I was observing everything around me from the plants in the pots next to me, to the people eating at the shop and most interestingly the waiters there.

One of the lady was arranging ‘Pau’ the entire time I spent at the shop. She was constantly arranging the ‘Pau’ that was already been arranged in the hot rack. She repeatedly moved each ‘pau’ barely a centimeter away from each other. After awhile, I got bored watching her as thats all she did.

But, soon, a very interesting guy caught my eye. He is the waiter there too. But he was not attending to any customer nor was he doing any work in the shop. All he did was sit, stare outside blankly while his hand was playing with the chair by rotating it. From his looks, he seemed to be troubled by something and his thoughts really made one feel so much pity for.

If at all we know what is running in someone’s head. Or better still if we know what is running in our own head. Haha!

Life is beautiful!


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