When you commit suicide, the final moment, the last second before you execute it, what runs in your mind?

Doesn’t the slightest thing in your memory tell you to stop?

I have heard people who had near death experience saying that their life flashes in front of them. How come it doesn’t happen during suicide attempts?

Because if it does, then I think no one would have died unless he/she never had a life.

Why suicide?

Mum always said, those who commit suicide are the bravest of all. I actually somehow agree to it. To hurt yourself and feel the unknown pain definitely takes a lot of courage.


Some would prefer to differ saying, those who suicides are cowards who run away from the problems in life. Which in a way is also true!

I wish, and I can only wish, that I get to speak with someone who had committed suicide and find out their emotions and mental state at the point of suicide.


2 thoughts on “WHY SUICIDE?

  1. Because suicides are planned. Well planned in the case of successful ones.
    That life flashing moment occurs in suicides too, but after you have taken the final step. Like, after you have jumped off that building or swallowed that bottle of pills or pulled the trigger or whichever means you choose. Once your brain is convinced its time to play that montage video (and you can’t trick your brain that easily, you have to try your best to die before the video starts playing), your body will try its best to convince you otherwise. That’s why there are so many failed attempts to suicide.
    Honestly, if I was trying to kill myself and I failed, if I was so damn miserable and so really dedicated to end it, I’d do it again and again and again until I was dead.

  2. Hi there,

    The explanation is interesting but I do wish that at any point of time, YOU would never resort to suicide. 🙂

    Humble request!

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