Rames Studio

Rames Studio – http://www.ramesstudio.com/

While I was looking for some photoshop tutorial, that is when I bumped into the link above. First I started reading his post then I got really attracted to his work and followed him on twitter, ramesstudios. Soon I found out that we have a common friend..Woots~! Hehe, like everyone says, it’s a small world after all.

Anyway the reason to give a post to this incredible artist is that recently he has been posting his drawings which is done using the app on iPad, Procreate and Paper (I hope I got the names rite). Each one of his drawings are simply brilliant and amazing. My interaction with him has always been on twitter as his well wisher. For an artist as good as him, he needs to go places. Pixar, do you hear me?

Let Rames’s artwork speak for itself. (I just print screen from his post…all copyright of Rames)

There are many more in his collection. 🙂 Keep drawing amazingly Rames!


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