Lobster Killer

Red Lobster - Doha
Red Lobster – Doha

My previous visit to Red Lobster left me with a discount coupon for my next meal. After much persuasion, Ma still said no to it simply because she didn’t feel like eating seafood. I had to make use of the coupon and also try a full lobster. (The last I tried was just the tail…and it was gooood).

So, today, I head out to run some errands and then to attack a whole meal of lobster all by myself. Red Lobster is known for their fresh seafood and also good service. Yet again I got what I expected.

I ordered a whole live lobster grilled. While waiting for my meal to be served, the waiter walks towards me with a live lobster on a plate and graciously shows it to me and said.

Waiter: Is this okay M’am?

Me: *horror face* Yah….. *whatever*

He smiled and he took off to the kitchen. And there I was sitting with a horrified look and all I could think was poor little lobster. The lobster actually looked at me when he showed it. Oh No!!! I felt like the character Julie from the movie Julie and Julia. The words *lobster killer…lobster killer…lobster killer* played in my head throughout my meal. 😦

Even though I feel awful about it but I can’t help it but mention that the lobster did taste good and I really appreciate the waiter Kenneth to come by and help me to break the lobster claw and patiently removed all the juicy meat from the shell.

I have had enough lobster to last me all through 2014 ……I guess! Haha….

2014 is just a few days away. Incase I don’t have a pre-new year post…. have a HAPPY NEW YEAR all!


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