Journey to 2014

Ice cream Cupcake I baked for a New Year's party.
Ice cream Cupcake I baked for a New Year’s party.

A very Happy 2014 to all!

Like always, my reaction is the same when every new year comes – Oh..the year went by so fast!

Let me do a little recap for my benefit before I fully indulge in 2014.


2013 gave me quite a bit and I felt I was stepping a little closer to my dreams.

(Going by the picture from left to right row by row)

  • – I saw the moon via telescope for the first time and I captured it with my iPhone. Thanks to wonderful friends here who made it possible and also knowledgeable enough to teach me about planets.
  • – Worked for a short film program and met some really wonderful friends from all over the world.
  • – Still have my good friends in Doha by my side.
  • – A visit to Nepal – a place I would definitely visit again in my life.
  • – My short hair cut.
  • – New friend whom I got to bond and enjoy a nice friendship with.
  • – A gathering with my friends back in Malaysia.
  • – A visit to Jakarta where my cousin and his family resides.
  • – Met another friend whom is the most humble, soft spoken, sweetest and her voice can melt your heart.


  • – Road trip with my 3 ladies to Melaka. Something that I never done before.
  • – Meeting up with my primary school friend after ages.
  • – A week shoot, back in the desert.
  • – Tigger, a companion more than a soft toy which Ma got me for my birthday.
  • – A visit to Kuwait for New Year. A splendid time with family.
  • – Finally baked a rainbow cake which I was so afraid to try but glad I did it.
  • – Tried another recipe that I wanted to try for a long time too – Boston Cream Pie
  • – Had my first ever lobster in my life. Loved it.
  • – Met a star at the Film Festival. 🙂 Rick Lens of Kauwboy fame.

Another travel that is not in the picture is Dubai! Like Finally after staying in Doha for 4+ years! Haha!

As a sum up I would say I had a fairly good 2013. Let’s hope for the best that 2014 is going to offer me.


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