Jigharthanda – Long Overdue


JIGHARTHANDA – The ‘long overdue’ is for the release of this film and also for my post. Haha. I was meant to post about this film after I watched it but I was too busy with something called ‘Life’! … But whatever it is, if it was meant to be put out there, then it would get out no matter how long it takes. Hehe, just like my post today! (as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason) … now if only someone would tell me the reason….hmmm. Hehe Jokes aside!

This is one movie that I have been talking non stop to my friends and family about. I am glad I was able to watch this in the cinemas with my parents! (See, not all Tamil films get released here in Qatar, so yes I’m glad this came).

The mere mention of a Tamil film puts a mindset into people that it would be all about dance, action, romance (the Indian way) and the as usual masala! But this Tamil film is all of the above …….. and something else.

If you notice the poster/picture, this would be the one picture post of mine that is in PINK! (I hate Pink!)

You see a GUY with a GUN and the background is PINK. Hmmm… what does it say to you? … Actually I never realised it till I watch the film. It is a Gangster Story and the pink explains it all. Pink is not a colour associated with gruesome. Pink is fun, light hearted and fresh. Well, that’s what the film is about…but with some added blood, knife, gun shots…etc. A guy would kill someone on screen and as audience we laugh and while that a moment of time pauses and you ask yourself…

‘Did I just laugh after a guy got brutally murdered?’…..

‘Have I lost my humanity?’…..

Then….with a smile, you just succumb to the reality that this is all just a film!

And a really good one!

For those Tamil movie buffs, please do watch this film.


A little thank you note to:

Director Karthik Subbaraj for executing this film excellently and for making me laugh till my stomach, back and mouth hurt!

Actors Siddharth, Bobby Simha, Karunakaran and all the gang fellows! – WOW! Only that, just WOW!

We don’t see Lakshmi Menon much but nevertheless she has been a part of this amazing film and she has contributed what exactly was needed.

Every other department – 2 x Thumbs Up!


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