Hello 2015!

First post of the year. I would like to recap my 2014. From what I have been looking through, it wasn’t such a happening year, actually a rather depressing year. Especially for Malaysians, it was the worst year as we lost 3 airplanes and hundreds of life just like that.

Collage-Airplane2 planes crash and 1 still missing. To those families who lost their loved ones in these unfortunate tragedy, I pray for them and the departed souls, may they rest in peace.

Despite all the negativity happening around, I did manage to find some good things that happened in 2014. Career wise, wasn’t really that great but for whatever it was I am grateful.

The highlights of my 2014.

Collage-Bakes of 2014

I manage to keep baking every now and then. I feel I should do more as everyone I meet keeps asking me about my ‘baking business’. Its an irony because as I started it, within a week I got a production job and I totally neglected my ‘business’. Hahaha. Well, I also got a lot of negative feedback on the name TustyTreats that I go by with. So I am also not using that anymore and trying to come up with another name. For now, I shall call it TusProductions, till I find a better name. After all, I am a film person who loves to bake. ๐Ÿ™‚ And for my ever loving and encouraging customers, thank you for your orders and I hope to bake more for you all.

Collage - Sarees_Fotor

2014 was also a year filled with weddings. I guess it was because everyone was reaching ‘the age’ already. Hehe. And when it is weddings, especially Indian weddings…its nothing else but Saree Saree and Saree. I have not worn this many Sarees in the span of just one month. The above two pictures is with Mum for my cousin’s wedding and the below two is the wedding of one of my bestie from School. We four have been friends since Standard One and its a special friendship I share with these ladies, they are more like sisters.


Another dear friend from school whom I had the most laughs with, also got married. She looked absolutely gorgeous and still the same from the last time I saw her. Also, a wedding where i didn’t have to wear a saree….score! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish all those who got married in 2014 a blissful marriage life.

Collage - babies

Apart from all the weddings I was attending, I also had babies to visit. Come, lets welcome these babies to a new year. First from left is Baby Meera, one of my close uni friend’s daughter. She already has a character of her own at this little age. Middle is Baby Caleb, my best friend from school’s son. Despite going through a jerky start, he has come out strong! Who knew, a 2 month old baby came as an inspiration for me. The third one is little Abigail. She is my niece, my cousin’s daughter. She never saw me, but the moment I carried her, she was all smiles…but as soon as the camera came out, her curious cat in her came out. Ever fascinated with the device and her own reflection in the camera. I miss all these babies so much as I did spend some good time with them when I was back home. The next trip back I think they will scream when I go near them. *sigh* I have to once again make friends with these little angels.


A sudden unplanned trip to Chennai, just because my cousin was there for some time hahaha…. I love making these impromptu decisions and going with it. Thanks to her for looking after me. In my younger days, I hardly had a chance to meet or talk with my cousin sisters as they were mostly away studying and working. This trip made us closer and I hope our sisterly bond grows much more. I don’t have a sister and always grew up among guys, so having a sister really means a lot to me. Even though I do have my mother as my sister as I always say, but this bond is also much cherished. And (for those who know), sorry for passing on the ‘PEACE VIRUS’ to her too! Boo!


Something that I wanted to do for a long long time, is to visit my University. Finally I did it! And what more a joy when you visit it with friends whom I knew from Uni and have been a great support and friend till date. Some peeps are missing from the picture though. Thanks for making this happen this year and to more and more years of friendship with all of you.

Now, let’s hope 2015 brings in more positivity and I wish all my readers a Happy 2015!


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