Sha…mi…tabh. …. Shamitabh!

Another day, another movie outing with my dear friend Meenu. I am super glad that I found a hindi-movie-buddy. Most of the time, I watch Hindi movies alone…but now not anymore!


Our recent watch – Shamitabh. I had a moment of silence after the film ended. It had a lot of underlined issues that every human in a normal life goes through. I thought the film was a little slow in pace. Every time I feel something is not right in a film, I would sit and analyse on how I could make it better. As for this film, the pace is slow but I wouldn’t want to cut out anything from it…

Just because….


When someone like Amitabh Bachchan is performing so brilliantly, I don’t think anyone would have a heart to even say cut, all you want to do is just keep watching. Amitabh outdid himself. One of his finest performance till date. This many years in the industry, I don’t know how he still has hidden talent that we are never aware of. Or is it the Director that brings out the best in him? …. Dhanush too did a splendid job. His confidence in his performance was convincing, and definitely matched up to Amitabh’s performance. Akshara on the other hand, a newcomer. Really? Are you kidding me? Acting is definitely in her blood! Paired opposite 2 amazing talent and STARS….yet she delivers exactly what is required for her character. Not in one frame you see the resistant a newcomer would have normally. Every frame was made so beautiful with her screen presence. That’s what I call beauty with talent. I wish and hope she goes places.

Thank you to the Director Balki for delivering a film out of the norm but still entertaining for the audience. It had the perfect cast, an unique story, beautifully captured frames (thanks to PC Sreeram), and the dialogues….amazing! A little too much rhyming sometimes but it still made me laugh. 🙂

In the future, if anyone to refer a film for its acting excellence then Shamitabh would be a reference to many actors.


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