“C” in Films

In recent times, I have been encountering issues regarding film cuts especially in South Indian films. I don’t know if this is an issue with Hollywood or other film industries. The recent release ‘I’ was one that made me wonder on how does the film censoring work. Yes, the “C” I’m referring to is Cuts and Censors in films.

The film “I” was 3hrs 8mins long where I watched it – Doha. My cousin in Kuwait watched it for less than that, and she mentioned the bodybuilding part in the film was cut. My other cousin in Malaysia watched it for also less than 3 hrs and he said, the transgender make up artist role were cut here and there.

So as a filmmaker, how would one accept this?

Reviews of the film would definitely differ from country to country. It’s same same but different!

Hmmm…. I still can’t understand this. Cuts should be made without butchering the storyline. And I think since films are so international these days, maybe a film need not only go through their respective country’s censor board but also in all countries that they plan to release the film. This would at least give an opportunity for the filmmaker to decide whether he/she wants the audience to watch with the given cuts or re-edit it again to fit the censor’s requirements. Anyhow, this issue is mainly by the censor board of each country.


Another matter that is also happening like a ‘fashion’ as what they like to call it is – trimming a film after the release of it.

For those who didn’t get it…, it is basically releasing a film, wait and see for the audience response, critics/reviews and then, the filmmaker makes a new cut on the film based on the audience reaction and opinion and re-releases the film! I can’t seem to agree with this concept. Due to the digital age that we are in, this maybe a good thing or the other way round. It’s good for the producers I guess. But for the Directors….?


One thought on ““C” in Films

  1. The last bit about trimming after the release is so true!! There seems be a few ‘long’ films in recent times like Lingaa, I and Yennai Arindhaal and all of them had scenes removed. I don’t get the point. Shouldn’t they know by now, what works and what doesn’t? They should do it before the release itself, I think.

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