Films Are Not Textbook! #OKKanmani

Mani Ratnam’s latest adventure, Oh Kadhal Kanmani….truly a cinematic masterpiece.

Pic Courtesy of YouTube

The portrayal of love and human emotions perfectly executed with care by every single department. I wish I got to watch the film another round but now I will have to wait for the DVD release.

OK Kanmani is a simple and sweet film. It deals with people of today and their mindset and ambition. Be it love, career, life or thoughts, everything has changed in comparison with the earlier generation. Despite all this changes, there is still elements such as value, views and culture that every human still hold on to.

This film got its fare share of reviews, some positive and some negative. Those reviews that mentions the film portrays live-in relationship and should not be encouraged – I say, look at your own surroundings. This is what is happening around us today and sometimes in our own home itself. And films are not textbook. Mani Ratnam is not preaching or conveying a statement to the audience. A film is a story, that’s it. Take what is good and learn from the bad. I wonder why only in this film, this subject is wildly spoken. Why wasn’t there talks on Varnam Aayiram, Pizza, where the same situation was shown?

Those in denial of this situation which is happening around us – don’t just open your eyes, open your mind too!

And now by saying this, some might think I support live-in relationship….well that’s for your shallow mind to decide.


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