Why Filmmaking?

My last directorial venture was 5 years ago. Each time I think of directing, some fear keeps stopping me. I am working towards overcoming it. But at the same time, a lot of thoughts are going on….Why Filmmaking?

My Answer : It is something that makes me happy and a medium I would like know stories in comparison to listening or reading.

But recently I am in a situation that made me question, Why Filmmaking for some people? I have been put in a place where I have to encourage, preach or convince people that Filmmaking is good and interesting and whatever else you call it! Why is that so?

Interest in filmmaking should come from within. Not something that to be begged for someone to try or be a part of. I know many people who wants to do this craft so eagerly and sadly here I am forcing or pushing people to make their films. Which I find bizarre!

??? Still questioning myself.


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