Food Adventures – Indian Coffee House, Doha.

‘All  you do is take pictures of food!’ – complaints one of my friend.


So I thought, instead of just taking them and posting them up on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, maybe I should make good use of it.

Like, write a review for it.

My recent gastronomical discovery in Doha is this Indian Coffee House. I got to know about it from the non-stop-every-second-Facebook Ads. They posted on their buffet breakfast for QR18 and seemed really attractive.

They had very nice welcoming staff and the place itself was pleasant enough. I went on a Saturday morning at 8 something and it wasn’t crowded, nice ambiance and most importantly the yummylicious line up of food.

Yes, they had most of the Indian breakfast item in their buffet. Let me list them, beware, you might start drooling!

– Idli, Vadai, Parotta, Thosai, Aapam (when you request), Poori.

– Sambhar, Coconut Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Yoghurt, Pickle, Potato Sabjhi (for Poori), Egg Curry.

– And the best of all – the unlimited FILTER COFFEE!

My mum who is very particular about her coffee has visited this place twice just for the coffee. Hence for sure I can tell you they have good South Indian Coffee. But I would prefer if they served it the South Indian Style.

As for me, I just found it a little too sweet but surely that is not a problem. You can always ask them to reduce the sugar. 🙂

I had everything except for Thosai and Aapam, and whatever I had, it was Goood!

At my table, they had this newspaper like table mat, or rather paper. It had details on the restaurant, the owners, their home delivery services, some other ads, like tailoring/clothing shop in Doha and also other caters. (pic above.)

They also have little decorations in and outside the restaurant to give you the feel of being in South India. I particularly liked the Chennai km tomb (not sure what you call it) and the olden days letter box. Hmm….wonder who post letters these days. 😦 I miss receiving letters and writing them.

Now that Ramadhan is around the corner, as all restaurants in Doha, this too will be closed during the day. I shall wait another month to indulge in their yummy south indian breakfast once again.


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