Food Adventures – MBCo

About a month ago, I had the privilege to live all by myself for 2 weeks. Yes, for some, living alone is a privilege! Deal with it!

So, what did I do when I was alone?

Explore…Explore…Explore……….More FOOD places of course!!! *Hahaha*

Came one night where I was driving around West Bay area and it was dinner time. And there I was at MBCo at The Gate Mall. MBCo has been long on my list of visits but never had the chance to. I guess it just waited for the perfect timing.

The above picture was my order, Eggs Benedict! It was perfectly poached eggs, served on tasty muffin bread (I would have preferred without the sesame seed though), and absolutely delicious spinach, mushroom and hollandaise sauce. I love places that serve Breakfast Menu even for lunch/dinner.Normally for drinks, I always get water but that day I decided to try something and I ordered, lemon mint (pic on the left). It was so minty and so lemony. Not to my liking but some might really enjoy it. It wasn’t a bad drink at all.

Sometimes, spending time with yourself allows you to restructure/rethink your life.

Well, my day ended on a good note, with good food and a good book! (Which I am still reading by the way!)


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