Half Girlfriend

IMG_5675Chetan Bhagat is one of the authors whom I follow and read his books. Since I was not visiting India anytime soon, I had to ask the help of my friend to purchase it for me when he went to Mumbai. Unfortunately when he brought back the book I was out of country and could only lay my hands on it after a month, and by then he had completed the book.


He told me, – This is a typical Hindi movie story. Perfect for a film. 🙂

I didn’t think much about it then, but when I read the book, automatically I started imagining a hero and heroine for the characters. I even imagined how it would be if it was a film. Haha…since most of Chetan’s book have been transformed to movies, this too might someday. I found the story predictable, but nevertheless a very interesting read.

This Half Girlfriend has thought me to strive for whatever I want in life if my intentions and intuitions are right. Never give up. If you don’t have fear for the unknown then you can go anywhere and achiever anything.


ஐ – I


I – the recent released Tamil film has been the talk of the town for years before it actually hit the screens. Now it is released for about 2 weeks and still the talk has been ongoing. Various mixed reviews all over but majority has given above average rating.

Same like everyone else, I (referring to myself, not the film…hehe) have been waiting ever since they started filming it. The expectations this film has created is beyond imagination. Every time a still or a news is released on it, it only made the curiosity increase. Now it is out, and I got the opportunity to watch it in the cinemas.

Yes! Before I mention anything, else just go watch this film in the cinema at least once. It deserves it for all the work that has gone into it.

For my readers who haven’t watched the film (WHAT!?? You haven’t watch the film?)…, the review below contains spoiler.

So one Saturday morning I walked in the cinema with super high expectations (can’t help it, the hype was created for years!), came out…still in confusion that something was not right. So the main thing in a film is the story and the screenplay. Lets begin with that.

STORY/SCREENPLAY – It was pretty predictable. I knew who the villain was right from his entry in the film. But what kept me wanting to watch more was how the revenge was taken and how he became like that. So maybe if it was less predictable and if the screenplay was a little racy and not too draggy it would have been much more gripping . …Hmmm Maybe…

DIRECTION – As we all know, Shankar the director is known for his grandeur. This was nothing less. But sometimes, I do feel that all effort and latest technology he uses just goes to waste in a song of 5 mins. I wish he would use such vision and execution for an entire film rather than just mere minutes in a film. I refer this to the Beast song. That Beast character was such a delight to watch and amazingly executed but sadly it only lasted minutes. Maybe, he could make another film with the Beast character…hehe. Shankar also picks the most insane but beautiful locations. No doubt in this film, you just pay a normal movie ticket price and you get to travel to exotic places in China that is rare and unknown. China government should pay Shankar for promoting tourism as after this film, many wants to visit China, and I am one of them.

CINEMATOGRAPHY – When Shankar picks such amazing locations, you definitely need an amazing Cinematographer to capture and present it to the audience. PC Sreeram has done exactly it. The visuals, the shots….WOW! Breathtaking visuals you will see in the film. I think this is the first time I watched only the scenery in the song Pookale even though Vikram! and Amy! was in it. Sorry, in this song, the scenery scored the most!


VIKRAM – After watching the film, I sat down and thought…if not Vikram then who? ….. Absolutely no actor came in my mind. This actor gives his heart, soul, body, sweat, blood to a character literally. But yes, once again I did feel a little disappointed when so much hard work went for the Beast and it was not utilised more than a song. Nevertheless, an effort worth appreciating. Vikram must and should get an award for this character portrayal.

AMY JACKSON – Girl crush activated! Hahaha! The first thing came to my mind, when it was announced that Amy Jackson would play the lead in ‘I’ and when I saw a still of her in a village outfit, I thought to myself – She is such a misfit. How did Shankar pick her? But today after watching the film, she is definitely the surprise package in the film. Her dedication, her handwork and pure beauty is transmitted so well on screen. Amy is also the one and only who could have done this role. She being a real life model, she had the perfect body language for it and not at any point it looked fake. And for a woman who doesn’t know any Indian languages, she actually lip sync THAT WELL….. all other Indian actresses should learn from her! It puts me off when I have to watch actresses who can’t even lip sync to the lines. And speaking of lines, Chinmayi who dubbed for Amy did brilliantly too. That part where she speaks the Madras Lingo…. applause!

MUSIC – AR Rahman – Pleasure! Nothing else, he has given a variety of music in this. Very international too, especially Ladio, i thought it was an English song and played it to my friends. Ennodu nee Irunthal and Pookale Satru Oivedu has amazing lyrics. Love them to bits.

SPECIAL EFFECTS – Make Up, Prosthetics, VFX, and what not that went into the making of this film, everything was beyond brilliant. Amazingly executed, and never before seen in a Tamil film. Thank you for bringing international standards to a Tamil film. Kudos to the producer who knows where to spend the money and Shankar who picked the best in the industry. The people who were behind this special effects, thumbs up to all of you. Believable and not a single element that looked fake. The hair on the body, the bee bitten body and face and Vikram’s look, everything to perfection. Will you all be entitle for Oscars? If yes, then the Oscar goes to…..YOU!

COSTUMES – The one department I always think Indian cinema needs to improve on but in this film I don’t have any qualms. They were all apt for the character, scenes and not one costume that made the character look ridiculous or made the audience want to look away. Well done!

ACTION – Different fighting techniques but SERIOUSLY?!! That long!!! If only all fight was trimmed, the pace would have been better. It was just going and going and going. Even though they are new, too long of it got me bored. The fight on the train was somewhat illogical. For a man in that form, he fights like a normal person. Hmmm….

(Edited in) – I totally forgot about the other amazing actors in the film. I loved Ramkumar especially. I wonder why he didn’t act all these years. Everyone else did their part to great conviction.

Overall, when I think about the film, the one thing I want to change is, cut out the length of the fights. 3 hours and 8 mins was just too long, even more when the film has too many breathers.

Well, that’s my review for the film. I will watch this movie again for the brilliance of acting, visuals and songs.

Note: all photograph courtesy of various websites from google.com 

Hello 2015!

First post of the year. I would like to recap my 2014. From what I have been looking through, it wasn’t such a happening year, actually a rather depressing year. Especially for Malaysians, it was the worst year as we lost 3 airplanes and hundreds of life just like that.

Collage-Airplane2 planes crash and 1 still missing. To those families who lost their loved ones in these unfortunate tragedy, I pray for them and the departed souls, may they rest in peace.

Despite all the negativity happening around, I did manage to find some good things that happened in 2014. Career wise, wasn’t really that great but for whatever it was I am grateful.

The highlights of my 2014.

Collage-Bakes of 2014

I manage to keep baking every now and then. I feel I should do more as everyone I meet keeps asking me about my ‘baking business’. Its an irony because as I started it, within a week I got a production job and I totally neglected my ‘business’. Hahaha. Well, I also got a lot of negative feedback on the name TustyTreats that I go by with. So I am also not using that anymore and trying to come up with another name. For now, I shall call it TusProductions, till I find a better name. After all, I am a film person who loves to bake. 🙂 And for my ever loving and encouraging customers, thank you for your orders and I hope to bake more for you all.

Collage - Sarees_Fotor

2014 was also a year filled with weddings. I guess it was because everyone was reaching ‘the age’ already. Hehe. And when it is weddings, especially Indian weddings…its nothing else but Saree Saree and Saree. I have not worn this many Sarees in the span of just one month. The above two pictures is with Mum for my cousin’s wedding and the below two is the wedding of one of my bestie from School. We four have been friends since Standard One and its a special friendship I share with these ladies, they are more like sisters.


Another dear friend from school whom I had the most laughs with, also got married. She looked absolutely gorgeous and still the same from the last time I saw her. Also, a wedding where i didn’t have to wear a saree….score! 🙂 I wish all those who got married in 2014 a blissful marriage life.

Collage - babies

Apart from all the weddings I was attending, I also had babies to visit. Come, lets welcome these babies to a new year. First from left is Baby Meera, one of my close uni friend’s daughter. She already has a character of her own at this little age. Middle is Baby Caleb, my best friend from school’s son. Despite going through a jerky start, he has come out strong! Who knew, a 2 month old baby came as an inspiration for me. The third one is little Abigail. She is my niece, my cousin’s daughter. She never saw me, but the moment I carried her, she was all smiles…but as soon as the camera came out, her curious cat in her came out. Ever fascinated with the device and her own reflection in the camera. I miss all these babies so much as I did spend some good time with them when I was back home. The next trip back I think they will scream when I go near them. *sigh* I have to once again make friends with these little angels.


A sudden unplanned trip to Chennai, just because my cousin was there for some time hahaha…. I love making these impromptu decisions and going with it. Thanks to her for looking after me. In my younger days, I hardly had a chance to meet or talk with my cousin sisters as they were mostly away studying and working. This trip made us closer and I hope our sisterly bond grows much more. I don’t have a sister and always grew up among guys, so having a sister really means a lot to me. Even though I do have my mother as my sister as I always say, but this bond is also much cherished. And (for those who know), sorry for passing on the ‘PEACE VIRUS’ to her too! Boo!


Something that I wanted to do for a long long time, is to visit my University. Finally I did it! And what more a joy when you visit it with friends whom I knew from Uni and have been a great support and friend till date. Some peeps are missing from the picture though. Thanks for making this happen this year and to more and more years of friendship with all of you.

Now, let’s hope 2015 brings in more positivity and I wish all my readers a Happy 2015!

Jigharthanda – Long Overdue


JIGHARTHANDA – The ‘long overdue’ is for the release of this film and also for my post. Haha. I was meant to post about this film after I watched it but I was too busy with something called ‘Life’! … But whatever it is, if it was meant to be put out there, then it would get out no matter how long it takes. Hehe, just like my post today! (as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason) … now if only someone would tell me the reason….hmmm. Hehe Jokes aside!

This is one movie that I have been talking non stop to my friends and family about. I am glad I was able to watch this in the cinemas with my parents! (See, not all Tamil films get released here in Qatar, so yes I’m glad this came).

The mere mention of a Tamil film puts a mindset into people that it would be all about dance, action, romance (the Indian way) and the as usual masala! But this Tamil film is all of the above …….. and something else.

If you notice the poster/picture, this would be the one picture post of mine that is in PINK! (I hate Pink!)

You see a GUY with a GUN and the background is PINK. Hmmm… what does it say to you? … Actually I never realised it till I watch the film. It is a Gangster Story and the pink explains it all. Pink is not a colour associated with gruesome. Pink is fun, light hearted and fresh. Well, that’s what the film is about…but with some added blood, knife, gun shots…etc. A guy would kill someone on screen and as audience we laugh and while that a moment of time pauses and you ask yourself…

‘Did I just laugh after a guy got brutally murdered?’…..

‘Have I lost my humanity?’…..

Then….with a smile, you just succumb to the reality that this is all just a film!

And a really good one!

For those Tamil movie buffs, please do watch this film.


A little thank you note to:

Director Karthik Subbaraj for executing this film excellently and for making me laugh till my stomach, back and mouth hurt!

Actors Siddharth, Bobby Simha, Karunakaran and all the gang fellows! – WOW! Only that, just WOW!

We don’t see Lakshmi Menon much but nevertheless she has been a part of this amazing film and she has contributed what exactly was needed.

Every other department – 2 x Thumbs Up!

Book-A-Month : Almost Single

By Advaita Kala

Good day to all!

I know I have not been keeping my own promise of reading one book a month, but somehow I am happy that I am constantly reading, even though I take my own sweet time.

Almost Single has been one of my recent completed book. Mostly I like reading Indian Author’s work. I don’t know why, but I think I can somehow relate to the issues. I also like simple written English. I lose track of the story when I don’t understand more than 3 words in a sentence. Boo!

I did say I kinda relate to the story of Indian Authors but I think this book differs. Aisha is someone vastly different from myself. But still, it is no harm in learning about another girls life. It is more like she is a total opposite of me. The only thing I could relate to is on marriage. In Aisha’s case it is her mother and in mine, everyone who meets me (mostly family).

Almost Single is a feel good read. 🙂

I thought I had it….

A story idea, an interesting plot – so I thought!

Sat down to write it down.

Wrote 9 pages and here I am again….struggling to write the next sequence.

I think this is my fifth story left hanging.

An hour passed and still I can’t proceed.

I thought I had it…..this time at least!

Book-A-Month : The Time Keeper


I am so called keeping up with my Book-A-Month reads! I actually took months to finish this book. To my defence, I was travelling and busy with work. Haha! (not a good excuse but hey….!)

Being a fan of Mitch Albom, I have been wanting to read this book for a very long time but only got it a few months back – thanks to a friend! 🙂 And now I hear he has another book out! The First Phone Call from Heaven. Now I have no idea when I will get hold of that!

As for this book, I wouldn’t rate it as high as his previous books but like every book of his, there is something to learn from. In this, its Time – the key factor in everyones life.

People tend to think about the future, the past and hardly focus on the present. Try to be happy today and tomorrow will be a better day.

Book-A-Month : Hitched – The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage


So far so good, for my Book-A-Month project. Hitched, The Modern Woman and ‘Arranged’ Marriage by Nandini Krishnan, is the second book I completed.

Lately being questioned about marriage and also branching out for an arranged marriage hasn’t been easy on my end. I was a girl who was dead against arranged marriage but now given the circumstances that has changed in the terms ‘Arranged’, I don’t mind giving it a try. Well… If you can’t find one yourself, let others help. Seriously, it can’t be that bad rite?…Rite?!

So, while looking out for books to purchase through my friend from India, I stumbled upon this book, Hitched. I read the synopsis and truly fell for it. I was/am going through a face where I need answers and help and this book had it all. It is a simple written book about the experiences of various Modern women, (let me stress again…MODERN WOMEN)..who went through arranged marriages. What more a better perspective can I get from women in a country where arrange marriages tops it all.

Reading this book has definitely help me to understand things much better and also learn from others mistake. After all, life is not all perfect.

I would like to summarise it as – Finding your true love or the most compatible partner is all in your hands, you are just getting suggestions on who it might be but the ultimate decision comes from within.



On the other hand, I completed my first ever e-book. Not a fan of e-book but this came by and I thought I would give it a try. This book didn’t need much concentration so I guess it was fine but if I have to read an intense book on a screen I would have never completed it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a fun, entertaining read and takes you back to your memories of school. Throughout the book I thought to myself, did I have this many interesting stuff to write about when I was in school?! Hmmm…. I guess so not. I was a pretty boring person. Haha!

In the Shower








*splash splash splash*


Looks at it…. *pweh*

Finishes shower. Ties towel, takes a tissue, turns around…………..




*horror face*